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If you happen to have any contact with other people – at home, at church, at school, at work, at play – here is a book to help you out!  No matter where we go we find people who think and act differently from us, and sometimes we find that they irritate us, hurt us, or make us angry.

Irritation, hurt, and anger are all, at very least, unpleasant feelings.  And now we don’t have to hold on to them.  The author of this little book has discovered some avenues for getting over being upset by things people say and do.

In this anecdotal and easy to read book, Murray demonstrates ways to get back to a place of peace when someone has done something upsetting. Always with the understanding that help ultimately comes from God, she outlines specific tools and strategies readers can use to gain new perspective and thereby move past hurts and frustrations.

The book deals with real-life, everyday problems. The anecdotes are easy to relate to, the suggestions are easy to implement, and the book is full of hope because the strategies have been proven to work.

After the first read-through, it can profitably be picked up over and over again.  Invariably new “people problems” arise  and then a return to a chapter or two of the book will provide relief and a way out once again.

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